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The Vitality Living Method Celiac Diet is designed to support you as you make the transition to a gluten free celiac (coeliac) diet over 4 weeks.

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Coeliac (Celiac) Diet - Vitality Living Method®


Gluten is the no. 1 food intolerant in the western diet. If you suspect that you are gluten intolerant, it is best to have a blood test done to rule out the fact that you could be a celiac. If you are diagnosed as a celiac (coeliac), you will need to undergo an immediate transition to a gluten free diet. This is a permanent life change that you must learn to live with. That means understanding your condition properly and becoming familiar with the foods that you can and cannot eat. Vitality Living Method offers you an immediate framework to help you cope with celiac diease and to start you on your new gluten free living programme.

For Celiacs (coeliacs), gluten is not just an intolerant, it is also has added problems

  • - For Celiacs Gluten Damages The Intestinal Wall
  • - For Celiacs Gluten Can Result In Anemia

What Happens When A Celiac (coeliac) Eats Gluten?


For Celiacs (Coeliacs), gluten causes an auto immune response. That is a whole lot more serious than an intolerance, which is problematic enough. What this means is that when a celiac (ceoliac) eats gluten, the immune system attacks the villi of the small intestine. This causes the villi to swell and become damaged which results in the intestine being unable to absorb the nutrients from food. The worst part is that the damage caused is irrepairable which means that over time the problem gets worse and worse. There is only one way to address the issue of celiac disease and that is to remove gluten from the diet.


You must receive permission from your GP in order to undergo any dietary changes.

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