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Vitality Centre® Dublin

50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Tel: 087 1973 984

Blanchardstown Village Dublin 15 | Ireland
Telephone: +363 1 8201602

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Directions to Vitality Centre® Dublin


50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Located directly across from the RDS and the 5 Star Intercontinental Hotel. Enter Premier Suites Hotel.

Report to Reception and you will be shown downstairs to Dublin Vitality Centre Clinic.

Taxi from St. Stephens Green : 5 minutes drive

Walking from St. Stephens Green : 25 minutes





Walking from SuperValu in Blanchardstown Village | 1 minute walk



  1. Park in SuperValu in Blanchardstown Village
  2. Drive to the very back of the Supervalu Carpark
  3. At the very back of the SuperValu carpark. you will see tennis courts with a pedestrian
  4. footpath going through them.
  5. Walk through the footpath through the tennis courts .
  6. Exit via the pedestrian gate on the other side.
  7. You will be in a residential area
  8. Turn Right and then cross the street.
  9. You will see house No. 48 Rushbrook, with the blue and white clinic Dublin Vitality Centre® at the side. You will see a physiotherapy clinic at 47 Rushbrook.

Dublin Vitality Centre®, 48 Rushbrook
Blanchardstown Village,
Dublin 15
Telephone: +Merrion Road 087 1973 984 | Blanchardstown 01-8201602