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Fodmaps IBS Diet Plan - Vitality Centre® Dublin


The Vitality Living Method Fodmaps Diet Programme enables you to remove the discomfort of IBS through a unique combination of diet and colon cleansing.

Reduce Bloating

Reduce Gas

Lose Weight

Increase Energy

Improve Skin Conditions


Fodmaps IBS Diet Plan - Vitality Living Method®


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Colonic Irrigation

It is easier to understand the term IBS if you consider that, infact, there are perhaps 3 types of IBS all of which result from impaired or weakened action of the colon mucless. In simple terms, IBS may be described as weakened colon muscles.

  1. Sluggish or Slow Colon Muscles
  2. Overactive Colon. Commonly known as “spastic” bowel.
  3. Alternating colon which switches between Sluggish and Overactive


How Can I Tell If I May Have IBS ?


When a person has had cramping, gas, bloating or discomfort at least three times a month for the last 3 months they may have IBS. If the person is experiencing a sudden bout of diarrhea or constipation or alternating between the two, it could be IBS. However, only your doctor can diagnose IBS definitely. Many doctors and nutritional therapists such as those at Dublin Vitality Centre® now recommend Fodmaps diet for IBS. Vitality Living Methods Fodmaps Diet Programme is a unique plan which combines the Fodmaps diet ibs with a course of colonic irrigation for maximum results and to clear the bowel.

IBS is a group of symptoms that occur together, not a disease. In the past, IBS was called many different names including colitis, mucous colitis, spastic colon, nervous colon, and spastic bowel but recently the name IBS emerged to reflect an umbrella of symptoms which are thought to be both physical and psychological . This means that IBS can be triggered by stress as well as diet. Vitality Living Methods Fodmaps IBS Diet Plan is recommended when the symptoms of of IBS are present.

What Is The Best Cure For IBS?

At this time, there is no known cure for IBS however symptoms can be controlled very well by introducing some lifestyle changes. After a course of colonic irrigation, the bowel is relieved of the painful discomfort caused by gas and impaction and strength returns to the muscular walls of the colon which may reduce spasms and cramping. Once this is achieved, it is recommended to introduce the FODMAPS IBS Diet which is listed below. The following is an introduction to the diet plan and can help those suffering with IBS to gain a basic knowledge of the foods which should be avoided and those which are safe to consume. Fodmaps diet ibs at dublin vitality center combines the benefits of a medical diet with the cleansing and strengthening colonic irrigation treatment to bring the bowel back to optimal health quickly.

What is the best diet for IBS?

FODMAPS Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Diet

The most recent nutritional studies have revealed that diet and nutrition can have a major influence on controlling the condition of IBS. Many doctors are now recommending the IBS diet known as FODMAPS. At Vitality Centre® Dublin, it is possible to gain supervised nutritional therapy for the introduction of the FODMAPS Diet Plan into your life.


Please check with your GP before making any changes to your diet plan.

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