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It may be hard to imagine but you are just three steps away from a completely new you. At Vitality Centre® Dublin, we are qualified to assist you when you decide to make changes in your health, wellbeing and appearance.Although each and every treatment is available individually, they all form part of a total health combination called Vitality Living Method®. Using a powerful combination of detox, non surgical skin rejuvenation and nutrition, it is possible to lose weight, increase energy, reduce symptoms such as fatigue and improve skin conditions which may be a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle. When you are ready to begin your transformation, we are here for you.

1. Change Your Mind

When you decide to adopt new lifestyle and health changes, very often, the first and most important thing to change, is your mind. That is because all transformations start in the mind. Removing old thought patterns and changing habits can be easy when you fully engage the power of your mind.

Vitality Living Method offers you the option to download guided transformation meditations. These relaxing recordings can be listened to before bedtime on your smart phone and are designed to help change unproductive thought patterns, increase confidence, self belief, strenghten your resolve and introduce positive suggestions and affirmations. As you begin to see yourself and your life differently, you seamlessly build the framework and architecture of the new amazing you in your mind over just 6 weeks.The powerful mind connection enhances your chances of success exponentially.

2. Detox Your Body

Using the advanced Harley Street Method, it is now possible to benefit from colonic hydrotherapy without any loss of privacy. Discover the secret of celebrity health and wellbeing programmes.

Colonic Hydrotherapy may be beneficial to:

Remove years of impaction, mucoid plaque, bloating
Deeply hydrate the body from within, in total privacy
Kickstart weightloss and increase energy


Very often colonic hydrotherapy is combined with liver coffee enemas to maximise detoxification.

Liver coffee enemas may be benefit to:

Strenghten Immune System
Remove Dark Eye Circles
Kickstart Weightloss


You can choose to combine colonic hydrotherapy with the Vitality Living Method10 day detox diet which enables you to fully detox the body whilst enjoying delicious wholesome foods that are designed to give you the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins.The Vitality Living Method10 day detox diet includes delicious full colour recipes, a shopping list and enables you to remove meat, wheat and dairy from your diet to aid digestion, remove skin problems, improve sleep, heal the gut, remove food intolerances, reduce cholesterol and can lead to natural weightloss and inchloss without feeling hungry.

3. Perfect Your Physical Appearance

With Vitality Living Method non surgical face and hair loss treatments, it is possible to create a younger more attractive you progressively and naturally. Watch your transformation take place weekly with no surgery and no excessive downtime.

Brighten your smile with Naturallly White Teeth Whitening
Remove thread veins from the face and around the nose
Remove sun damage, hard skin and fine lines
Reactivate dormant follicles to stimulate hair growth

Remove deep wrinkles and lift the face


The powerful combination of Vitality Living Method non surgical skin treatments enables you to transform your skin, smile and even stimulate hair growth. Using the most advanced non invasive treatments you will gradually and effectively see the changes over a number of weeks with no major downtime and no harsh side effects. It is now possible to bring your skin back in time, achieve a younger looking face, reduce wrinkles, smooth away sun damage and pigmentation, remove unsightly red veins, broken capilaries, brighten your smile, stimulate hair growth to increase your confidence and self esteem. Get ready to notice the difference with Vitality Living Method non surgical skin, hair and smile treatments. Start to see the difference today. And watch others notice too.

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