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Frequent Questions About Colonic Hydrotherapy



What Are The Benefits Of Colonic Irrigation?

Remove Halitosis
Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes
Kickstart Weightloss
Reduce Bloating
Remove Toxicity
Improve Skin Conditions
Remove Acne
Relieve Psoriasis
Increase Wellbeing
Reduce Mild Depression
Improve Digestion
Improve IBS

Remove Brain Fog





The International School Of Detox – Harley Street Method

At the International School Of Detox you can choose to undergo training on The Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy. This means your clients can benefit from the colonic hydrotherapy which offers increased privacy and comfort and which is an FDA approved Medical Class II Device.

The Harley Street Method is considered the Rolls Royce of colon hydrotherapy treatment devices in terms of comfort, dignity and privacy. It is called The Harley Street Method because it is found high end Harley Street Clinics.

The International School of Detox offers the following colonic hydrotherapy training and qualifications

  • IACT Foundation Level Colonic Hydrotherapy Certification
  • Harley Street Method Colonic Hydrotherapy Training
  • Certificate In Detoxification

If you wish to become a professional colon hydrotherapist and hold an the internationally recognised IACT qualification, you will need to fulfil the following criteria. IACT Colon Hydrotherapy training is a post graduate qualification. That means you MUST hold a recognised medical qualification or have completed an acceptable qualification in Anatomy and Physiology

Prerequisites for Foundation Level IACT Colon Hydrotherapy Training

1. Must have a high school diploma/GED, or equivalent (prior to entering training)
2. Must have post graduate level of Anatomy & Physiology. The following professions are acceptable. Please contact us if you hold a qualification in the area of health.
- Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist
3. Must have a current CPR card (before certification)
4. Recommendation - each new student should have received 1 - 3 colonics prior to entering training to ensure they are suitable for the training.
1. Either
a. provide proof (by transcript) of completing the 100 hours of training. The 100 hours of training must be done in the physical presence of the Instructor at the location of the school or “brick and mortar” training facility used by the school or instructor. Distance learning of any type may not be used in fulfilling the 100 hour requirement for I-ACT training. The 100 hour course may not be completed any faster than 10 days at the school or brick and mortar facility of the Instructor/School; or,
, b provide proof of a minimum of one year of practice with documentation of at least 100 colon hydrotherapy sessions (in the last year) - If the one year practice option is used, that person must attend an 8 hour (in the classroom) course put on by an I-ACT Instructor or I-ACT School and meet the prerequisite requirements listed above (prior to entering training).
2. Must be a Full I-ACT Member in good standing.
3. Must send your resume and proof of all related education; Seminars completed, degrees and experience in both practice and theory. (Copies Please).
4. Must send pictures of your facility showing: at a minimum, the waiting area, the Colon Hydrotherapy room(which has a picture of the equipment), and the bathroom, etc...
5. Must send a blank copy of your Health Questionnaire. (Intake Form)
6. Must carry Liability Insurance (if desired) / provide a copy of the policy front page (or a statement saying you do not wish to carry insurance).
7. Must do a 15 minute presentation on colon hydrotherapy during class.
8. Must pay for ($75.00 exam fee), take and pass an I-ACT Level 1 written exam.
9. Must submit the School / Instructor Critique Form.




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