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Meat Free Diet - Vitality Centre® Dublin


The Vitality Living Method® Meat Free Diet Programme enables you to remove meat from your diet whilst still enjoying delicious healthy natural foods which are high in plant proteins. Removing meat can result in relief from the following conditions.





Skin problems


Weight Gain.


Meat Free Diet - Vitality Living Method®


We all know that we should eat less meat for a healthier lifestyle. Diets rich in vegetables, grains, beans and pulses have been found in reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and many other diseases and symptoms. Being meat free is different from being a vegetarian. Meat free eaters often choose to eat fish on occasions. One simple fact about meat is that it has a much longer transit time than non meat or even dairy and fish.


Why Is A Meat Free Diet Better For You?


Transit time means the time it takes from entering the mouth to leaving via the colon. The longer food stays in the body, the more chance it has to putrefy which means it releases toxins and acids into the cells. Dr. Otto Wurburg, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 found that acid enviroments are necessary for tumors to develop. Animal proteins such as hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, cold meats are especially likely to have a longer transit time than plant based foods. Meat is deficient in fibre which is why anyone who relies on it too heavily will also suffer from bowel problems in the long term.

I Dont Like Eating Meat. Should I Go Meat Free?


Your body is a very clever instrument. If your body and mind is telling you that you should give up meat, then you probably should. If you feel uncomfortable when you think about meat production, dont like cooking or handling meat in your kitchen and are uncomfortable about the treatment of animals, then you really should free your mind from this subconscious message that is telling you to "move away from the meat". If you cant digest the idea of meat then it is very likely that you also physically cannot digest meat in your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Meat Free?


Undigested meat is associated with constipation, impaction, depression, skin problems, inflammations and weight gain. So stop mentally blocking out what you are eating and embrace the idea that a meat free diet is an amazing life choice that will benefit you in many wonderful ways. But probably the most important one is that you will be able to think about what you are actually eating and therefore enjoy your food better. Many meat based products contain high levels of salt and cholesterol which strip the body of calcium and can actually lead to oesteoporosis, heart disease and strokes. Contrary to popular belief calcium is abundant in green leafy vegetables and you will be getting more than enough if you are eating dairy products and fish on your meat free diet programme.

Will I Get Enough Protein In a Meat Free Diet?



Yes, there are 9 essential amino acids that make up all the protein that you need. Meat has all 9 which means that when you eat meat you are getting all 9 all the time. The confusion about protein and vegetarian diets stems solely from this fact. But what is often emitted from the argument is that you also get the 9 amino acids where you combine beans and pulses with grains. Your body actually store amino acids and can await the next meal to make up the difference should it ever occur. But that only applies if you intend to undertake a 100% plant based diet. On a meat free diet, you can still enjoy animal protein in the form of eggs, low fat cheese, yogarts and fish.



You must receive permission from your GP in order to undergo any dietary changes.


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