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Yeast Free Diet - Vitality Centre® Dublin


The Vitality Living Method Yeast Free Diet Programme enables you to remove yeast from your diet whilst still enjoying delicious healthy natural foods.

A Yeast Free Diet May Assist In the Reduction Of:

Brain Fog

Acid Reflux

Weight Gain

Mild Depression



Yeast Infections

Mood Swings



Yeast Free Diet - Vitality Living Method®


If you suffer from yeast related problems, you are probably sensitive to foods containing sugar and other sweeteners, yeasts and molds. Everyone responds differently to yeast free diets but you will find that you begin to feel better.

When you introduce Vitality Living Methods® Yeast Free Diet Program, you will remove yeast from your diet and your bodys immune system is strenghtened. This will help to control the levels of candida albicans in your body. This is because your diet now consists of nutritious foods which are designed to come from diverse food groups which do not contain the fermented sugar based items that stimulate the growth of yeast in the body. Varying your diet is very important on Vitality Living Methods® Yeast Free Diet Program..

What Foods Are Avoided On The Yeast Free Diet - What Food Are Avoided On The Yeast Free Diet - Vitality Living Method®


You will be recommended to introduce a variety of yeast controlling foods into your diet and to follow a supplement plan designed to control yeast in the body. You will also remove certain foods from your diet including the following ones, on The Vitality Living Method Yeast Free Diet Programme:

  1. Refined processed foods
  2. Sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, molasses, dextrous, glucose, monosaccharides, artificial sweeteners
  3. Artificial Colourings
  4. Fruit Consumption
  5. Milk Consumption
  6. Tea, Coffee, Smoked Meats, Melons

Bread, vinegar, alcohol, tamari, soy and anything fermented

But that is just part of the programme. Once you gain a clear understanding of what you can and cannot eat you are recommended to undergo a 30 day cleanse. Vitality Living Methods® Yeast Free Diet Program is about removing the foods that are encouraging the growth of yeast, introducing foods that are advantageous in controlling yeast, cleansing the body of yeast through colonic hydrotherapy and introducing a supplement plan to enable the body to naturally balance yeast growth.

What Changes Must I Make On The Vitality Living Method® Yeast Free Diet Programme?



A dietary cleanse for controlling yeast successfully can be overwhelming for many people which is why we have created a programme to assist you introduce these changes.. This programme is about balancing yeast, removing candida and restoring your bodys good bacteria levels so that yeast related issues in the body are controlled. You will also be recommended a diet plan that includes foods to help achieve this. You may also be recommended to undergo colonic hydrotherapy to clear away excess candida in the body. Candida leave the body as white "cotton like " material. At Vitality Centre® Dublin, we are trained to understand its presence and one of the best ways to 1. Check candida levels 2. Remove excess candida is to have colonic hydrotherapy at Vitality Centre® Dublin.

You must receive permission from your GP in order to undergo any dietary changes.


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