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What Are The Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy



What Are The Benefits Of Colonic Irrigation?

Remove Halitosis
Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes
Kickstart Weightloss
Reduce Bloating
Remove Toxicity
Improve Skin Conditions
Remove Acne
Relieve Psoriasis
Increase Wellbeing
Reduce Mild Depression
Improve Digestion
Improve IBS
Remove Brain Fog



Colonic Hydrotherapy Aftercare Information


The following aftercare instructions should be adhered to after colonic hydrotherapy at Vitality Centre® Dublin. The treatment will improve your wellbeing and you will feel lighter and relieved afterward. However, if you are extremely impacted or have suffered from ongoing or acute constipation, you may require up to 3 treatments before you feel the full benefits. Ongoing cramping and headaches after the treatment means that matter in the bowel is loosened and is now circulating in the body. This means that you require more treatment. In this case, it is best to book another colonic irrigation session at Vitality Centre® Dublin within 3 - 7 days.

Preparing for Colonic Hydrotherapy at Vitality Centre® Dublin

1. Fast for at least 2 hour in advance of your colonic irrigation treatment.
2. Schedule your treatment on a day that you dont need to do very much. Because colonic irrigation exercises an involuntary muscle, you may feel very tired. Involuntary muscles require four times more energy than voluntary muscles.
3. Make sure you get to bed early after your colonic irrigation treatment as your body will need a good rest.

4. Prepare food which will easily move through the colon. The ideal foods to eat after colonic irrigation are vegetable soup, brown rice and vegetables, quinoa, fish and white meats.
5. Avoid the large amounts of heavy white carbohydrates such as white bread, white pasta and white rice.
6. Your colon drinks in water during the treatment so you will be hydrated. Keep hydration levels optimal by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. This will keep your bowel moving.
7.You may not need to pass any matter for 2 days after your colonic irrigation treatment. This is quite normal. If the bowel does not return to normal function after this time, you may need more treatments.

It is advisable to take a course of probiotics after and during a course of colonics. A probiotic is provided as part of your treatment at Dublin Vitality Centre®



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