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Vitality Living Method® - Total Body Transformation 3 Day Detox



Lower Cholesterol
Lose Weight
Transition to Ceoliac Diet
Break Sugar Addictions
Reduce Symptoms of IBS

Becoma a Vegan/Vegetarian

Detox Your Body & Mind



Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

What Are The Benefits Of Detox With Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?


Because Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation is the only programme that combines 3 powerful and life altering detox methodologies, you can expect the results to permeate into all areas of your life. Unlike other programmes that tackle just your body, Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation helps you to introduce healthy foods, healthy thoughts whilst also removing deep old impaction from your colon and your liver through the most advanced private method of colonic hydrotherapy in the world.

1. Change Your Mind with Guided Transformation Meditation

2. Detox Your Body with Colonic Hydrotherapy and Liver Enemas

3. Change Your Diet for 10 Days to a Nutritionally Rich Plant Based Programme which consists of REAL Foods, not pills, not shakes, not powder. Real fresh nutritious, wholesome foods.


What Are The Benefits Of Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?



You will begin to see yourself and your life in a more positive light

You will remove old thoughts and old patterns of thinking that are holding you back

You will introduce positive changes in your eating habits

You will experience a feeling of calmness and renewed energy because your body will be freed of years of impaction and deep body toxins lodged in your liver and colon.

Your thoughts become clearer as brain fog and neurological toxins lift

Old pains and aches disappear and fade away.

You will feel happier and calmer

Common Detox Results of Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

  • Eyes sparkle and look brighter
  • Skin improves and often skin conditions disappear
  • Nails grow and become stronger
  • Feeling of relaxation as hormones are balanced
  • Memory improves and brain fog lifts
  • Sleep improves and you feel refreshed on waking
  • Appetite naturally balances out.
  • Cravings for sweets disappears
  • Cellulite improves and reduces
  • Lose inches of bloat and water retention
  • Lose weight and feel good
  • Bowl becomes regulated and constipation disappears
  • Halitosis disappears
  • Mood improves and mild depression lifts

Cut Sugar Cravings
Day 1 – 3. You may have tried other diets before and found that you failed because you were overcome by cravings for sugar. This is very common among anyone on a weight loss plan, coeliacs, converting to vegetarianism and those who need to cut sugar to reduce cholesterol. Infact, anyone who suddenly removes sugar will undergo a period of withdrawal symptoms. In the Vitality Living plan, we call the first 3 days of your day, “The 3 Day Plant Protein Booster” phase. That’s because you are going to use plant protein to cut out your cravings for sugar.

Re-hydrate With Water
Very often the body cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst. The messages get mixed up over time. So before you eat, ask yourself, am I hungry or am I thirsty?
During the first 3 days, you will 2 litres of fresh spring water to rehydrate your body and reduce the likelihood of false hunger setting in and to rehydrate all of your organs. You will also experience advanced hydration levels from colonic hydrotherapy hydration therapy.

You will be given a supplement list which is designed to :
Balance gut flora, reduce candida
To enable your body to adjust to a new diet
Support Liver and maximise detoxification
Balance and increase thyroid function for weight loss
Maximise intake of good fats, reduce appetite and increase Omega 3 and 6
Purifies the blood. Contains proteins, vitamins, potassium, phosphorous, iron, zinc
Chelate heavy metal toxins. Ideal for non meat eaters to supplement amino acids.
RDA of Daily Protein

Detoxing Your Organs With Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

Liver, Kidneys and Colon
Colonic hydrotherapy is an absolute must when undergoing any detox. It is the underpinning difference between some results and amazing results and it absolutely recommended in conjunction with diet, juicing, lymphatic drainage, skin brushing, fasting, herbal cleanses and any other detox method. It will make the process of detoxing easier as it will ensure a healing crisis does not happen.

What Is a Healing Crisis?

Ever felt worse on a detox instead of better. Thats because you didnt include colonic hydrotherapy. A healing crisis is a combination of  symptoms caused by detox such as headaches aches and pains which occur as  your cells start to dump toxins into an already loaded colon and liver. By having a course of colonic hydrotherapy during the first 1 – 10 days of your detox, the chances of this happening are reduced. Colonic hydrotherapy  will alleviate toxic build up in liver, kidneys and colon caused by a sudden release of toxins by the cells.  

The Skin
The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is one of the main detox organs. That is why signs of toxicity often show on the skin as spots and blemishes. These spots are very often found on the back and face. Some toxins are eliminated in the sweat, skin shedding and sebum oils. It is recommended to undergo an organic sea clay detox wrap and dry body brushing to increase the elimination of toxicity from the skin. Drinking 2 litres of water is essential to enable the skin to release toxicity. Skin that is free of toxins is radiant. When your skin begins to glow you may wish to introduce non surgical anti-aging skin treatments to create a younger more beautiful you.

Toxicity very often presents itself as halitosis or bad breath. That is the toxins from the body attempting to exit the body via the lungs. Colonic hydrotherapy can reduce this issue and remove bad breath caused by toxins in the body.

The Liver
Have you ever noticed how bad you look after a heavy night of on the town. You may have noticed heavy bags under the eyes, yellow pupils and a pale dull complexion. That is because your liver has been put under immense pressure in an attempt to filter all of the extra alcohol from your body. During Liver Flush Enemas the bodies has an opportunity to remove the backlog of toxicity you have created during times of binge drinking or eating bad foods. .


Do I Need Colonic Hydrotherapy?
Yes. No detox is complete without cleansing the bowel. That means no juice fasting programme, no oral 5 day cleanse you buy online or in the pharmacy and no detox diet such as the Vitality Living diet. All toxins released in the body by any dietary cleanse go straight to the colon. That is the fundamental principle of detox. Cells release toxins during a detox. Release toxins where? We should say, “cells release toxins which are then able to make their way to the bowel for elimination”. So now the bowel has more work to do. So what happens. You feel unwell for up to two weeks on most detox programmes that don’t recommend colonics hydrotherapy.

Healing Crisis Caused by Detox
As the toxins are released from the cells, the body initially has to deal with more toxins. That is why a healing crisis often occurs with dietary detox, fasting or juicing alone. Colonic hydrotherapy and liver flush caffeine enemas will reduce the symptoms of a healing crisis as it allows the main eliminatory organs to have a fresh flush of water. It also allows the bowel to be free to deal with the extra load of toxins being released in the body as they are expelled to the large intestine. As you detox, candida is also reduced. But it is not eliminated until you remove it with colonics. Very often the excess candida can be seen as it leaves the body. It looks like cotton wool. Probiotics are always recommended when detoxing or having colonic hydrotherapy so that the good flora can be balanced in the bowel.

Transformation Meditation - Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

Making life changing dietary and health changes requires commitment. That means you must literally “Change Your Mind”. That is why at Vitality Centre®, you are provided with relaxing transformation guided meditation using the words of clinical hypnotherapist Elizabeth Flannery who holds a Higher Diploma Clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist certified by The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (ICHP).


Lymphatic System
Lymphatic drainage is the manual manipulation of the lymphatic system to speed up the drainage process. Lymphatic drainage stimulates the removal of toxins from the lymph nodes to the liver. Now its possible to see why your liver and colon need to be cleaned if you are undergoing lymphatic drainage. Imagine pushing all that extra work to a liver that is already maxed to capacity? Not a good idea. Your liver and colon must be cleansed so they are ready to deal with all the extra toxins which lymphatic drainage loosens. All the organs of detox ultimately push toxicity to the liver and colon during any detox. It is an additional option on the Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

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