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Vitality Living Method® - Nutritional Therapy

10 Day Plant Based Detox - Back To Basics


Wow, its so confusing to know what to eat these days, right? And when you begin to understand nutrition and marketing, you begin to see that where there is confusion, it has very often been created purposely and for a very good reason. That reason is usually to make somebody else very rich.

Have you noticed the increase in items like "probiotics for men" and "Omega 3s Just For Women". That would imply that men and women have different digestive systems right? And that really is nonsense. Heed this advice when it comes to looking after your diet and your health. If it seems too confusing and you dont understand it or you think its been created by someone more clever than you are, dont buy it because it shouldnt be and you are more than likely being juped into a marketing hook designed to confuse and control. .


Life Is Simple. Food Is Simple


Life is simple. Your body is also simple and food is really the most simple of all, especially healthy food. That is why ancient tribes who did not hold PHDs in nutrition were more than capable of living cancer free for thousands of years. The ate food that was in season and fresh. They stored what they could and they ate when they felt hungry. They used the earth to grow the items that they wanted and they didnt really think very much about it after that, you can bet. But dont take our word for it. Just look at the professors who have devoted their entire lives to physiology of medicine and take their findings into account. Namely, Dr. Otto Wurburg, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for his findings about acid and alkaline environments in the body. In simple term, his research showed that tumors needed an acid environment in which to grow. And the foods that contribute to an acid enviroment in the body are meat, alcohol, sugar, dairy and all the things that we know are not doing us any dietary favours. A plant based diet alkalises the body. What this means is that long term health is not rocket science, but rocket salad could help to change your life and health forever.

Vitality Living Methods - Nutritional Therapy Programmes


Vitality Living Method Nutritional Therapy Programmes are designed to enable you to make a seamless transition to a new way of eating. What you take into your body every day is very important. In todays western diet, food intolerances are common. That is because our diets rely heavily on processed foods which our bodies were never designed to eat. The most common dietary changes are approached and managed in a systematic way. On all nutritional diets within this programme, you will be advised to remove ALL of the most common food intolerance grouops for 10 days. That means no meat, wheat or dairy for 10 days but instead a diet that is plant based, fresh delicous and enables you to learn to cook, shop and see food completely differently. You will see that there is no mystery to amazing health, You dont need to measure with a scales or have a degree in science to get it right either. All you need is access to fresh foods and some very effective combinations that will empower you to embrance long term health for the rest of your life.

If you are required or have been recommended to reduce cholesterol, remove gluten, remove sugar, wish to become a vegan or just want to lose weight, Vitality Living Method has a programme to suit you.

What Is Vitality Living Method - Nutritional Therapy?


  • When you are ready to make significant dietary changes to enhance your health, digestion, weight and overall quality of life, you can avail of nutritional therapy at Vitality Centre® Dublin,

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