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Vitality Living Method® - Total Body Transformation 3 Day Detox



Lower Cholesterol
Lose Weight
Transition to Ceoliac Diet
Break Sugar Addictions
Reduce Symptoms of IBS
Becoma a Vegan/Vegetarian



Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

10 Day Plant Based Detox - Back To Basics


Wow, its so confusing to know what to eat these days, right? A detox at Vitality Centre® Dublin means stripping away the mental and physical toxins that accumulate in our bodies and minds over time. This unique programme combines Colonic Hydrotherapy, Liver Flush Enema, 10 Day Diet Plan, Supplement Recommendation List,Shopping List,Comes In a Full Colour Professionally Printed Pack created exclusively by transformational therapist Frances Flannery.

Using Vitality Living Method 10 Day Plant Based Detox Diet, you will recieve a systematic programme that enables you to remove deep body toxins and introduce food that your body was designed to eat. You will be supported through your 10 Day Journey by gentle Guided Transformation Meditation which you can download onto your smartphone and listen to at night time.

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Liver Coffee Enemas
Nutritional 10 Day Diet Plan
Guided Transformation Meditation Download

Life Is Simple. Food Is Simple


After nearly 7 years working of working one to one with clients from all walks of life including many well known celebrities, Frances Flannery developed the Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation. The most common diets that lead to long term health and digestive issues, spots, insomnia, fatigue, IBS, impaction in the colon and weight gain, are high sugar carbohydrate diets and high protein meat based diets. Very often people who become extremely impacted, bloated and fatigued when they begin a high protein diet in an attempt to lose weight. And that’s no surprise. A diet packed with meat and protein shakes containing artificial flavours is not a good idea for your body in the long run, no matter who tells you it is.

Our Caveman Ancestors Ate Plants


It makes a great story to consider our amazing super hero ancestors strutting through the forest like Mr. Universe. But it is a myth.  The fact is, our caveman ancestors did not pack themselves with meat and eggs at every meal. And they certainly did not have highly processed shakes in addition. They didn’t take supplements and they didn’t use Oleo Vera to make their bowls move. What they did have was a diet that was high in plant based food and nuts and supplemented by lean protein every so often, when they were lucky enough to hunt an animal small enough for them to overcome. Most of the time, they survived very well on nuts, green leafy plants, berries and other natural plant based food. That is, in fact, the diet we are best suited to physiologically. And our ancestors were probably more built for speed, rather than bulk. Think about how much easier it might be to run from a charging bull if you are packing a light lean frame with no bulk.


But The Guys At The Gym Told Me To Eat Meat At Every Meal

Be honest. Do you really think eating huge amounts of meat and eggs is good for you? Do you really think that people who build up their muscles on this type of eating look intelligent? Eating meat at every meal creates too much acid in your body. Please ask the next person who recommends this to you if they seen first hand the detrimental effects that this sort of eating has on the body in the long term? Have they seen colons so impacted that it took 3 colonics to clear them out? Have they seen people so constipated that they were rushed to hospital only to find an x-ray reveal impaction in the colon so hard it had become like cement? Have they seen spots on the back, insomnia, bad breath, chronic fatigue and mood swings clear up after removing heavy toxins caused by too much acid from high protein diets? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then it is time to introduce a diet that everyone knows makes common sense, a diet that is delicious, healthy, natural and rich in the best protein available, that is plant based protein from sources such as green leafy veg, hemp and pea proteins.

High protein meat based diets may result in short term weight loss. But in the long term they may lead to unstable hormones, high cholesterol, acidic build up in the body and countless other related problems in the long term.

No Artificial Protein Shakes And No Starvation


Aspartame and other sweeteners commonly found in protein shakes can destabilise the blood sugars, cause bladder problems and lead to mood swings. A high protein meat packed diet is possibly the worst thing you can do to your colon and your health in general. Add to that a highly processed drink full or artificial sweeteners and flavourings and you really are in big trouble. Most people will be constipated and unable for move the bowel naturally for weeks when they first start a high protein diet. And those dehydrating shakes won’t help. The Vitality Living 10 day detox diet recommends you take a green shake every day. And you are also recommended to include protein in that shake. But the protein that you will be taking on this diet is hemp or pea protein. You can be adventurous and find another source of plant based protein if you wish. But you must be careful to ensure the product does not include any artificial sweeteners, flavours, gluten, wheat, sugar or dairy. There are a few brands out there which fit the bill and you will find them in any good health shop.


Will I Get Enough Protein?


Protein nutrition is critical for overall health and especially for those who exercise. That is why you are recommended to include plant based green shakes daily. You can add to those shakes more plant based protein based on your weight, age, gender and work out needs. It is a myth that you can’t get the right levels of protein from a plant based diet. You can. Vitality Livings 10 day detox diet is ideal for anyone who has had it with the so called “Caveman” plan, constipation, low energy, mood swings, irritability, insomnia, cravings, dehydration and other side effects that come with a diet high in red meat


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