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Food Intolerance Test - Vitality Living Method

Did you know that food intolerances often develop when we rely too much on one or more food group. If you are unsure which diet to follow or which foods are no longer providing you with optimal nutrition, you can choose to undergo a food intolerance test at Vitality Centre® Dublin.

Food Intolerance Testing at Vitality Centre® Dublin


Could the foods you believe are beneficial to your health actually cause you to feel bloated, low in energy and gain weight? Food intolerance testing is a method of identifying foods which react adversely with your systems.

At Dublin Vitality Centre® we offer one of the most advanced software driven intolerance tests using FDA approved BioMeridian equipment. The Biomeridian FDA certified food intolerance system is found in the most advanced Harley Street Clinics and is the only system clinically trialed under FDA specifications.

.When you eliminate the foods which you are intolerant to,you may experience increased energy and weight loss.

The Biomerdian Food Intolerance test is quick safe and non-invasive. It can quickly determine the foods which are causing symptoms within your digestive system. Based on your unique test results, dietary changes tailored to your unique needs are recommended.

The Biomerdian Food Intolerance test is a computerised device which using technology similar to an ECG scan to electrically detect imbalanced to certain foods with the cells and organs of the body. It is a highly advanced device requiring specialist training to operate.

How Does The Biomeridian Food Intolerance Test Work?

There is no blood, no needles and no downtime. The device uses bioimpedence to detect imbalances in the body that electrically reflect certain food groups.A metal probe is touched to your skin to measure electrical conductivity at key traditional accupuncture points on the hands and feet which relate to various organs. A chart is printed which shows foods in red (avoid) green (go ahead) or yellow (caution). The clinician offers advice and alternatives to you there and then.

Your will receive a printed chart which depicts your reaction to 115 everyday foods. If you wish to query a certain food the therapist can also check you for that intolerant as the Biomeridian System has an extensive preprogrammed database of food items and ingredients installed.

It is advisable to consider a nutritional therapy consultation and colonic hydrotherapy after your food intolerance test to 1. remove toxicity caused by food intolerants still in your system and 2. to introduce a diet plan that will offer optimal nutrition and relieve the symptoms previously experienced.


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