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A Natural Alternative To The Problem Of Hair Loss



Follicular Hair Rejuvenation May Be Beneficial For:

Hair thinning
Male pattern baldness
Brittle hair
Female hair loss
Post pregnancy thinning of hair
Hair loss caused by medication

Other forms of hair loss

Hair Loss Treatment - Follicular Hair Rejuvenation

Hair Growth Therapy
Studies have shown that hair growth can be stimulated on the head naturally through application of follicular therapy using specialised hair techniques, in cases where follicles are dormant. When combined with the use of organic hair growth products, the dormant follicles may begin growing again. Follicular Therapy has shown to increase absorbtion through the skin by up to 1000% via a process known as transdermal absorption.
The result may be an increased growth of the hair in cases where the follicle is still active. Initial results can be expected in as little as 6 weeks with one treatment per week and daily application of topical hair rejuvenation product.


Suitable For Hair Thinning

If you are experiencing mild to moderate hair loss or have undergone medical treatment which has resulted in hair thinning, then its time to consider follicular hair rejuvenation therapy. Male pattern baldness, Hair thinning, Brittle hair, Female hair loss, Post pregnancy or hormonal thinning of hair may be suitable for this treatment.

How Does Follicular Hair Rejuvenation Work?

Follicular Hair Rejuvenation has a dual benefit on the dormant follicle. During this treatment, the hair follicles are stimulated through the application of a specialised device. The natural stimulation "pokes" or awakens the follicle and causes the growth cycle to become activated resulting in faster hair growth and increased thickness of the hair. Follicular hair rejuvenation greatly increases the absorption of the topical hair growth product also used in the treatment.

Pre-Clinical Hair Transplant Hair Rejuvenation

Hair restoration surgeons agree that it is important to undertake alternative courses of treatment before considering hair transplant surgery to rule out the possibility that the hair follicle is not dead but just dormant. Follicular Hair Rejuvenation is an ideal way to establish if the follicle is dead or just dormant and may be considered in advance of hair transplant surgery to increase follicular growth.


Unsuitable For Hair Transplant Surgery


If you are not suitable for hair transplant surgery for any reason or if you are considered too young to undergo the hair transplant surgery but wish to reduce a receding hairline, early hair thinning or early onset alopecia, it is advisable to undergo alternative treatments such as follicular hair rejuvenation