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The Vitality Living Method® of Colonic Hydrotherapy



Colonic Hydrotherapy May Be Beneficial To:

Kickstart Weightloss
Reduce Bloating
Remove Toxicity
Improve Skin Conditions
Remove Acne
Relieve Psoriasis
Increase Wellbeing
Reduce Mild Depression
Improve Digestion
Improve IBS
Remove Brain Fog



The Vitality Living Method® - The Rolls Royce of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is a truely amazing treatment. The health benefits of cleansing the bowel have been well documented since the beginning of time. The ancient Hebrews, the Greeks, The Ancient Chinese, The Eygytians and countless other great civilisations have documented the value of a clean eliminatory system. Today, almost all of those who are priviledged enough to receive the most advanced health care advice, include colonic hydrotherapy in their lives regularly. That is no coincidence. Those people include Michael Flatley, Simon Cowell, Gyneth Paltrow, Donald Trump and many more.

Vitality Living Method - The Rolls Royce Of Colonics

At Vitality Centre® Dublin, our NURSE TRAINED colon hydrotherapists have many years of experience. We know that privacy and comfort are very important to you when choosing to undergo colonic hydrotherapy. And that is why we have introduced the Vitality Living Method of colonic hydrotherapy into our clinics. The Vitality Living Method is also very often called "The Harley Street Method" because it is found in many high end clinics all over world including those on Harley Street London. This system makes the process of colonic hydrotherapy accessible for anyone. The standard of training and expertise required by law to operate this system combined with the comfort and privacy are what differentiates Vitality Living Method from any other method of colonic hydrotherapy system in the world. It is sometime known as "The Rolls Royce" of colonic hydrotherapy.

Vitality Living Method® Colonic Hydrotherapy
- NURSE TRAINED Therapists
- I-ACT Certified
- Smaller Tubes (just 1.5 inches and width of tip of a pen)
- Self insertion possible
- Has Built In Shower Feature
- Disposable Tubes
- FDA Approved
- Class II Medical Device
- Private and Comfortable


What Happens During Colonic Hydrotherapy

When you book your colonic hydrotherapy treatment at Vitality Centre® Dublin, you will be asked if you have any medical conditions. Certain conditions are contraindicated which means that as qualified professionals, we would not recommend or carry out the treatment. These conditions include, pregnancy, colitis, diverticulitus, uncontrolled heart condition, hernias and recent surgery. Once you have completed a consultation form and are deemed suitable for the treatment, you will be given a disposable robe to wear and an opportunity to get ready. You will be shown a fresh tube which will be opened on front of you in the room. You will then be shown how to "get up" on the Vitality Living Method™ system. You can choose to insert the tube yourself. It must be noted that the tube is less than 1.5 inches and just less than 1 cm in diamenter. This is considerably smaller than other methods which makes the Vitality Living Method of colonic hydrotherapy accessible for those who simply could not go through with the colonic irrigation otherwise. Unlike some treatments, you will never be told to "run to the bathroom" . You will always be shown a fresh unopened disposable tube before your treatment.. Infact, the system even has a built in shower function so you can complete your treatment and wash your lower body in the treatment room in complete privacy. You do not undress on front of the therapist. You may even have intervals of privacy where the therapist waits for you outside the room and is on a bell at all times. You will be given a probiotic after the treatment as a matter of course. You will also be recommended to take a course of probiotics to replace and restore good bacteria in the bowel.

How Will I feel After Colonic Hydrotherapy ?

After the treatment, you will normally feel lighter, more positive and less bloated. The organs of your colon are empty relieving you instantly from the discomfort of trapped gas, impacted fecal matter and years of toxicity possibly trapped in your body. You can return to your daily activities. For those who have severely impacted colons or acute IBS, you may require up to 3 treatments to fully alleviate the discomfort. Therefore some people will experience cramping for a few days after colonic hydrotherapy. This signals that you need to have another treatment as soon as you can. It may also mean that you have dietary IBS and should book a consultation for nutritional therapy at Vitality Centre® Dublin where you willl be provided with the Fodmaps Medical IBS diet plan.

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