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Colonic Hydrotherapy Vitality Living Method®


€140 - Exclusive Harley Street Method

Liver Coffee Enema Flush
€250 - Colonic & Liver Enema
Food Intolerance Test
€140 - Biomeridian FDA certified

Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

Skinny Cleanse Detox - Colonic Hydrotherapy, Liver Flush Enema, 14 Day Diet Plan, Supplements,Shopping List,Comes In a Full Colour Professionally Printed Pack created exclusively as part of the Vitality Living Method® Weightloss Plan.




A Unique Detox Programme that combines Colonic Hydrotherapy, Liver Flush Enema with a complete Proifessional Nutritional Diet Programme for a 14 Day Road Map to a Totally New You.


€300 - The ultimate 90 minute Inchloss Treatment. Colonic, Liver Coffee Enema and mechanical lymphatic massage whilst lying on a bed of 22 LBS of amethyst crystal known as V-Mat Bio Amethyst.
Derma Micro Skin Needling
€180 - Digital derma skin needling is used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars progressively . Course of 6 recommended

Medical Diamond microdermabrasion


€100 - Medical diamond microdermabrasion is used to remove dead skin and congestion resulting in increased collagen and younger skin

Red Vein Removal.
€100 - Instantly removes red veins, broken veins and milia from the facial area. For men and women
Nutritional Therapy - Transition to Coeliac, Lower Cholesterol, Vegan, Meat Free Diet, Yeast Free Diet, Sugar Free Diet, Fodmaps IBS Diet. 99 €90
Teeth Whitening - Naturally White™ Organic
Ricinus+™ Organic Caster Oil Packs

High Quality Medical Grade Treatments At Exclusive Merrion Road Clinic. Also treatment room in Blanchardstown Village.

All equipment used at Dublin Vitality Centre® is medical grade FDA approved. Therapists are trained nurses along with being IACT certified.

In the USA, colonic hydrotherapy is highly regulated. Only therapists who are trained and certified by IACT can practice legally. At Dublin Vitality Centre®, our colon hydrotherapists are the only therapists in Ireland to hold Advanced Level IACT training.