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The International School Of Detox - IACT Colonic Hydrotherapy School Ireland


The Only Colon Hydrotherapy Qualification Acceptable By US Law
Colonic Hydrotherapy may become regulated by law in Europe, in time. This is a very positive thing for IACT trained colon hydrotherapists because it means that those who do not meet the standards of training and who have not undertaken a recognised training programme or hold the IACT  will no longer be able to practice legally.


I-ACT Accredited Training For Therapists and Medical Practitioners

It is now possible to train as a professional colon hydrotherapist at Irelands only IACT training school. At The International School Of Detox, it is possible to become a registered IACT qualified colon hydrotherapist.  IACT is the only training programme which is accepted by US Federal Law and which enables a colon hydrotherapist to practice legally in the United States. In the USA, colonic hydrotherapy is a highly regulated profession. That means that anyone who wishes to practice as a colon hydrotherapist must hold certain qualifications. That qualification is the IACT training.


What Are The Benefits Of  I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy Qualifications? 

    • Become a member of the largest colon hydrotherapy organisation in the world
    • Achieve the highest level of professional training
    • Receive the only training which enables you to work legally in the USA, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and other countries where colonic hydrotherapy is regulated as profession,
    • IACT training is ensures that you hold a qualification which will very likely become the gold standard in Ireland the UK very shortly.

    It is very likely that the profession of colonic hydrotherapy will become regulated by EU law in the future. The standard for training currently accepted under US Federal law is IACT. This means that anyone who wishes to practice in the USA MUST now hold IACT training certification. It is very likely that the same standards of training as those currently required by US law will be introduced in Europe. When this happens, any therapist holding IACT qualifications will automatically meet the standards of regulations and will not have to retrain.