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Inchloss Detox Express™ exclusively at Vitality Centre® Dublin



After you Inchloss Detox Express Programme at Vitality Centre® Dublin, you may wish to undergo The Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan for long term weighloss and life changing health benefits.

Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan enables you to make life altering dietary and lifestyle changes which are designed to completely change the way you think, eat and live. Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan programme includes guided meditations along with deep body detox treatments. This results in natural long term weightloss and optimal health for the rest of your life.


Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan

Reduce Cholesterol
Remove Deep Body Toxins
Suitable For Vegans
Suitable For Coeliacs
Increase Confidence
Optimise Health


Inchloss Detox Express™ | Lose Inches and Reduce Bloating in 90 Minutes

Vitality Living Method exclusive Inchloss Detox Express programme combines Colonic hydrotherapy, Deep Liver Flush Enema & Acupressure lymphatic massage for accelerated inchloss results. in just under 2 hours. This programme is designed to achieve maximum results instantly. Very often it is used to prepare for an event such as wedding, holiday, photoshoot or party where you need to look your absolute It results in instant reduction of bloating and inchloss.

Using these 3 combined methods of detox, your body will expel unwanted bloating and inchloss naturally occurs. It is not unusual for clothes to feel looser around the waist directly after the treatment.

What Happens During The Inchloss Detox Express™?

When you book your Vitality Inchloss Programme, you will undergo 3 powerful cleansing treatments which will enable your body to release years of bloating, water retention and to cleanse your body and skin of toxins which inevitably lead to weight loss and lightness.

You will feel lighter and slimmer instantly and your body may experience further weightloss in the days and weeks that follow. This magical combination of deep detoxification and cleansing has proven to be highly successful with amazing results instantly. Many people choose to undergo The Inchloss Detox Express™ in advance of a special event. We recommend leaving 48 hours between the day of your event and having the treatments.

Preparation for Inchoss Detox Express™

Fast for 2 hours in advance of treatment
Remove carbs such as White bread, White pasta, White Rice for 1 day in advance (not essential but recommended)
Avoid fizzy drinks and caffeine for 1 day in advance (not essential but recommended)
Drink Cranberry juice and include vegetable soup and light proteins in the diet for at least 1 day before and after treatment. (not essential)

- Reduce Cellulite
- Remove Bloating
- Reduce Inches
- Kickstart Weight Loss
- Look Slimmer
- Feel Slimmer
- Reduce Cellulite, Bumpy skin, Stretch Marks
- Improve Dry skin, psoriasis and eczema on the body
- Improve & Brighten Skin

Check List: Before you book your treatment, please check to ensure that non of the following apply to you. This programme includes intensive 2 hour treatments which means that you must be in a healthy condition to undergo this programme.
1. Pregnant
2. Emphasema
3. Crohns,Hernias, Surgery in past 6 months, Pregnancy in past 6 months
4. Deep Vein Thrombosis
5. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiac condition, low blood pressure

Ready For A Slimmer You?
Inchloss Detox Express™ consists of an intensive combination of 3 powerful treatments which are carried out in just under 2 hours at our organic health clinic. All products used are organic and natural. The programme consists of:

1. Acupressure 20 min Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage (reduce cellulite and release toxins)
2. Colonic Hydrotherapy (full body detox and cleanse)

3. Liver Flush Enema (for eyebag and dark circles reduction)

1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

To enable your body to begin letting go of toxins, you will undergo a 20 minute acupressure massage which pushes toxins from your skin into your lymphatic system. This gets your body ready to expel the maximum amount of bloating and heaviness. Using ancient Chinese techniques, your body will feel deeply relaxed as the muscles let go of underlying knots and trigger points of built up pain caused by toxicity held deep in the body.

2. Harley Street Colonic Hydrotherapy
Using the power of water, this amazing treatment removes all of the toxins which have been encouraged to make their way to the liver and colon during the other stages of the treatment. Gas, bloating, impaction and old toxic matter are instantly removed from your body enabling your tummy to flatten and your organs to return to their normal size. This reduces the appetite and causes it to “reboot” ensuring that you naturally select healthier foods going forward. An optional extra liver detox can be done at this stage. This has the added benefits of releasing and removing heavy dark circles and eye bags as well as thoroughly cleansing the liver resulting in increased energy and boosting of the metabolism.

At the end of your treatment, you will be measured again. Prepare to be amazed. Whilst the normal inch loss guaranteed is 6 inches, it is not unusual to see results of 10 – 24 inches lost in 2 hours of treatment.

3. Deep Liver Caffeine Flush
 Using fully organic caffeine solution, the liver is encouraged to release deep toxins. The liver flush solution is retained in the colon for 15 minutes. This is transfused into the liver via the colon and causes the bile ducts in the liver to dilate expelling deep toxins. The result is instantly reduced eye bags and less dark circles. After the treatment it is usual to feel exceptionally optimistic and bursting with energy.

Please allow at least 2 hours for your entire treatment.

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