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Liver Flush Coffee Enema at Vitality Centre® Dublin



Colonic hydrotherapy and liver flush enemas May Be Beneficial To:

Remove Halitosis
Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes
Kickstart Weightloss
Reduce Bloating
Remove Toxicity
Improve Skin Conditions
Remove Acne
Relieve Psoriasis
Increase Wellbeing
Reduce Mild Depression
Improve Digestion
Improve IBS
Remove Brain Fog



Liver Flush Coffee Enema - Vitality Living Method®


Liver coffee enemas were pioneered by a medical doctor called Dr. Max Gerson. Coffee enemas are a vital part of the detoxification process of the Gerson Therapy because they may reduce and get rid of many symptoms of general toxicity. Toxicity is thought be contribute to dozens of common symptoms from arthritis to weight gain to skin conditions. Therefore liver coffee enemas are possibly the most important part of any detox programme.

  • - Remove dark cirles under the eyes (eyebags)
  • - Relieve mild depression
  • - Increase cognition, remove confusion,anxiety
  • - Increase mental clarity
  • - Improve energy levels
  • - Improve digestion
  • - Increase metabolism
  • - Kickstart weightloss
  • - Cleanse the colon & the liiver
  • - Detoxify the liver and colon and help rebuild the immune system
  • - Reduce many types of pain
  • - Help eliminate parasites

The Harley Street Method - Liver Flush Coffee Enemas

At Vitality Centre® Dublin, our NURSE TRAINED colon hydrotherapists have many years of experience. We know that privacy and comfort are very important to you when choosing to undergo colonic hydrotherapy. And that is why we have introduced the very first Harley Street Method System into our clinics. The Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy is that which is found in many high end clinics all over world including those on Harley Street London. This system makes the process of colonic hydrotherapy accessible for anyone. The system has been called "The Rolls Royce" of colonic hydrotherapy for a number of reasons.

Harley Street Method Colonic Hydrotherapy
- NURSE TRAINED Therapists
- I-ACT Certified
- Smaller Tubes (just 1.5 inches and width of tip of a pen)
- Self insertion possible
- Has Built In Shower Feature
- Disposable Tubes
- FDA Approved
- Class II Medical Device
- Private and Comfortable


What Happens During Liver Flush Enemas

A Liver Flush Coffee Enema in introduced into a empty colon. That means that it is performed directly after colonic hydrotherapy for best results. A home treatment may not achieve the same results since it can merely cleanse the sigmoid colon area. Once the colon is empty, the organic coffee solution has the opportunity reach high into the ascending and descending colon areas. It is retained for 20 minutes. During this time the caffeine solution has an opportunity to circulate to the liver. As coffee is a stimulant, it stimulates the small bile ducts in the liver to release their toxins. Bile, hormones and other toxins including those which occur as a by product of modern medicine are given the opportunity to be release back into the colon. After 20 minutes, the solution is released from the colon taking with it years of impacted matter, dark sigmoid plaque, bile and other highly toxic material which the body has been attempting to remove. Now the liver is clear and free to deal with its normal daily activities This gives your entire body a boost and enables your immune system to function optimally. Because toxins are no longer circulating, the skin clears and dark circles under the eyes disappear.

The Aeroplane Analagy - A Simplied Explanation Of Liver Toxicity

Circulating toxins are sometimes compared to an airport. The toxins in your body MUST be purified by the liver before they enter the colon. There is no other way for them to leave your body. Think of this as a plane circling an airport awaiting an opportunity to gain permission to land. The plane keeps circulating. It has no choice. Similarly, the toxins must receive permission to enter the liver for detoxification before they enter the colon for elimination. If there are too many toxins, they keep circulating. Priority is given to the most toxic matter first. So if your body is dealing with normal toxicity and then you introduce extra toxicity such as alcohol, your liver must immediately put all other toxin metabolism on hold, to deal with this lethal substance which is now a priority. Yes alcohol is lethal. That is why your liver MUST remove it immediately.The other toxins are left to circulate in your body like an aeroplane. Some of those toxins may attempt to exit via the skin (acne and other conditions), the breath (halitosis and body odor) and the sinuses (inflamed sinuses and pressure headaches) or accumulate as fluid pockets under the eyes and bloating in the body.

The Liver And Alcohol
Have you ever noticed how bad you look after a heavy night of on the town. You may have noticed heavy bags under the eyes, yellow pupils and a pale dull complexion. That is because your liver has been put under immense pressure in an attempt to filter all of the extra alcohol from your body. Your blood sugars are destabilised by the extra intake of sugar in the alcohol and you are left craving sugary or carbohydrate rich foods. Your poor body is now on an insulin induced roller coaster which usually results in your very best dietary intentions taking an immediate U turn and ultimate nose dive. The symptoms of a hangover symptoms help us to understand the work of the liver.

The Liver Is The Bodys Main Detoxification Plant
The liver is the bodys main detoxification plant. It filters all the bodys blood attempting to remove the most dangerous toxins of all. Among those are alcohol, drugs, food additives and hormones along with many other environmental toxins that we take in every day. The bodys ability to recover from illness (and hangovers) is supported by a liver which is healthy and clean because it has room to take on the extra work needed to recover. If it is already toxic and is then asked to deal with further toxins, you can feel pretty bad and look worse.  A clean liver can perform its duties of detox optimally. Liver flush caffeine enemas are an excellent way to instantly clean the liver. The benefits of this treatment cannot be over stated. Imagine the very opposite of how you look with a hangover. Immediately a liver enema flush , eyes sparkles with renewed vitality, skin glows, energy is increased and appetite is naturally recalibrated.  Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are reduced. You look and feel younger, more energised and ready to take on the world. Ricinus organic body packs applied over the liver can help blood floor and may aid liver detoxification.


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