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Mesotherapy - A Natural Alternative To Botox

If you are seeking a skin treatment developed by plastic surgeons to improve deep wrinkles which uses no syringes or chemicals, then “The Natural Botox” or “Notox Skin Therapy” is for you.

The Natural Botox is a new form of skin therapy which has been specifically developed for those seeking an organic alternative to injections and offers anti-aging results.

The Natural Botox


Firstly millions of microscopic perforations are made in the upper dermal layer. Then a layer of 100% organic vitamin rich balm is applied to the skin. This is then rolled into the skin. By a process known as transdermal absorption, the skin absorbed up to 1000% times more nutrient rich product for ultra-deep inunction.  The real secret to this treatments success is that the microscopic skin preforations enable healing to occur vertically under the skins surface so it can improve even deep wrinkles.


Aftercare For The Natural Botox


After treatment, be sure to apply anti septic lotion to the area. Wash hands regularly and do not touch the face. The face feels hot for about 3 – 4 days but usually does look as hot as it feels. This is because most of the healing is occurring under the skin.

Change pillow cases and use disposable towels to dry the face during the 3 day recovery time.

The natural botox combine mesotherapy techniques with deep nourishing organic products to bring about healing deep within the lower dermal layer of the skin where wrinkles and fine lines reside.

The natural botox is popular with both men and women and is available at Vitality Centre® Dublin by NURSE TRAINED skin therapists.




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