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Mind Detox - Vitality Centre® Dublin


The Vitality Living Method Guided Transformation Meditations are designed to enable you to "change your mind" in just 4 weeks.

Break old thought patterns

Introduce a new perspective

Create Calm

Increase Confidence

Strenghten Resolve and Focus

Achieve Peak Performance

Create positive changes



Mind Detox - Guided Transformation Meditation - Vitality Living Method®


Making life changing dietary and health changes requires commitment. That means you must literally “Change Your Mind”. That is why at Vitality Centre®, you are provided with relaxing transformation guided meditation using the words of clinical hypnotherapist Elizabeth Flannery who holds a Higher Diploma Clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist certified by The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (ICHP).


Mind Detox - Guided Transformation Meditation - Vitality Living Method®


These relaxing guided meditations can be downloaded and listened to on your iphone. The soothing positive suggestions are  designed to bring about transformation in yourself and in your life. This meditation uses the words of a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and when listened to regularly, can create dramatic changes in your attitudes and beliefs by replacing old thoughts and patterns which are no longer useful to you.


Introducing Positive Thought To Change Your Mind


By letting go of these old thoughts and beliefs which were once valid and useful but which no longer serve you well in your present situation, you are empowering yourself and your mind to clear the way for the limitless possibilities in your life. By introducing new and useful suggestions and thoughts, you will change how you interact with the people and the world around you, how you see yourself and the choices that you face everyday. You will change the words you speak and the beliefs that are relevant to you in your life now and in the future.




You must receive permission from your GP in order to undergo any guided meditation. Do not undertake if you are psychotic or suffering from any psychological illness.


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