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Colonic Hydrotherapy - The Harley Street Method™

Private, Modern & Comfortable Colonic Hydrotherapy


It may be hard to imagine but it is now possible to enjoy the powerful health giving benefits of colonic irrigation and enemas without any loss of privacy. We are the very first and only clinic in Ireland who provide the Harley Street Method. Tubes are smaller. Treatment is provided by qualified nurses and there is no embarrassing odors or exposure of the body at any time. Our nurses are certified and experienced in colonic irrigation as well as having qualifications in skin, massage and nutrition. Bloating is reduced, tummy feels flatter and a feeling of lightness and vitality is experienced.

A NEW And Unique Colonic Irrigation Method

If you have ever wanted to try colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy but were put off by the idea of loss of privacy or embarrassment, do not worry. At Dublin Vitality Centre®, we offer a unique and modern method of colonic irrigation which is simply unmatchable. This is called The Harley Street Method™ because it is found on high end clinics across the world including those on Harley Street London.


We are also the only Advanced Level IACT trained colon hydrotherapists in Ireland. IACT is the only training programme which allows a therapist to practice legally in the USA where colonic hydrotherapy is now highly regulated.



The Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy found exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre® offers increased comfort and privacy for the client and is the treatment of choice for high end clinics all over the world including those on Harley Street London.. Tubes are the size of the tip of a pen and self insertion is possible if preferred. That is why thousands of clients including many celebritys return to Dublin Vitality Centre® again and again. We rarely advertise because we do not need to. Word of mouth has created a respected and well known reputation for high quality colonic Irrigation, natural skincare and nutritional treatments in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Book Today: Merrion Road 01 9018359 | Blanchardstown 01-8201602