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Facial Red Vein Removal at Vitality Centre® Dublin


medicalmicrodermabrasion gently peels away tired sun damaged and aged skin to reveal new fresh skin underneath.

Diathermy is excellent for removal of:
Red Veins
Broken Veins
Visible Capillaries
Skin Tags
Blood Spots
Spider nervi



Diathermy | Facial Red Vein Removal | Instant, Reliable and Medically Proven

It may be hard to believe but there is a simple effective treatment for the instant removal of red veins from the facial area. Lasers are inconsistent and expensive and don't always deliver the desired results. Thats a fact.

Diathermy Treatment | Medically Trusted For Decades

Diathermy is the only treatment used by surgeons to cauticise capillaries during surgical proceedures. Thats because it works. When it comes to red vein removal, diathermy is the only medically trusted, reliable, safe, quick and cost effective solution.It is consistently used during surgical procedures as results are reliable and risk of damage to surrounding skin is negligible.

Red Veins | Thread Veins | Milia | Skin Tags | Removed Instantly

If you have small red veins, broken capillarys or blemishes in a confined area of your skin, then diathermy is the right solution for your skin because it can treat even the tiniest patch of skin affected by broken veins and broken capillarys without effecting surrounding area. Results are instant in most cases. A second treatment is seldom but sometimes required.
Many physicians and cosmetic clinics use diathermy for successful removal of red veins, skin tags, broken capillaries and milia for one simple reason, it works instantly.The treatment is popular with both men and women.

Aftercare For Diathermy Red Vein Removal | Healing Time

Expect to experience mild flaky skin and some redness for up to 5 days after treatment.Diathermy is a trusted and reliable method for the removal of red veins and broken capillarys on the face. Results are successful and consistent for the removal of red veins, broken capillarys and skin tags. Diathermy works on all skin types and colours and the results are fast. Infact, thread veins and spider nervai very often disappear instantly.


Diathermy Red Vein Removal is ideal for mens skin. At Vitality Centre® Dublin, we have transformed lives by removing unsightly and embarrassing thread veins from the face. Dont suffer any longer. There is an effective easy solution. Book today.




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