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Teeth Whitening - A Naturally Whiter Smile In 60 Minutes



Teeth Whitening - Naturally White™

Did you know that your teeth are one of the first things that people notice about you? Whether you are attending an important interview, getting married, going on a first date or simply want to look and feel your best, you should consider Naturally White™ Teeth Whitening at Vitality Centre® Dublin.

Teeth Whitening Without The Damage

Naturally White™ Will NOT damage your teeth because the product is made with non acidic organic ingredients. It will remove only stains from the enamel surface and therefore results are natural and not obvious or unrealistic.

At Last, A Teeth Whitening Treatment That Does Not Compromise Enamel

Naturally White Teeth Whitening is carried out by a qualified dental nurses at Dublin Vitality Centre®, using only the most advanced teeth whitening system available.Advances in teeth whitening mean that it is now possible to remove stains caused by Red Wine, Nicotine and and Dark Foods, without causing any pain or sensitivity. This is the Naturally White Teeth Whitening system does not contain peroxide, acids or parabans.. At Dublin Vitality Centre®, we guarantee a comfortable, pleasent treatment with excellent results. What this means is that there has never been a better to time to have your teeth whitened. Our treatment is carried out by a qualified Dental Nurse. Dental nursing is a 2 year full time course provided by Trinity College Dublin.

Excellent Natural Looking Results
The Naturally White™ system optimises the teeth whitening process to achieve 8 – 12 shade brightening in a 60 minute session. Teeth whitening is performed by a qualified dental nurse teeth whitening clinician.. Naturally White achieves excellent Teeth Whitening Results in less than 60 minutes.

Naturally White™ teeth whitening treatment at Dublin Vitality Centre®, achieves a fantastic result in under one hour, whilst ensuring that no pain or sensitivity is felt. Therefore, this laser teeth whitening system is ideal for those with very sensitive teeth.

Get a brighter whiter smile with laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre®. Laser Teeth whitening takes 1 hour. At Dublin Vitality Centre®, we provide a 15 minute consultation for each client. The iBrite™ laser teeth whitening system used at Dublin Vitality Centre® is the first patented LED light to be used for teeth whitening and is certified by the FDA. Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening adds extra dazzle to your teeth in less than 1 hour with no pain or sensitivity. It does not damage enemal as there is no harmful peroxide used.

What Happens During Naturally White™ Teeth Whitening Treatment
During the teeth whitening treatment, teeth are whitened 8 – 12 shades using the most advanced iBrite FDA approved non heated laser. No pain is felt and the treatment is comfortable and pleasant. Zero peroxide laser teeth whitening is 100% EU compliant and it carried out by a dental nurse. Laser Teeth Whitening is carried out by qualified dental nurses at Dublin Vitality Centre®, using the most advanced teeth whitening system available.