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Three Steps to a New You

1. Colonic Hydrotherapy Detox

Sparkling eyes, incredible skin and uplifted mood are just some of the benefits you can expect from this life transformational colonic hydrotherapy programme. Using the advanced FDA approved Vitality Living Method, its possible to undergo colonic hydrotherapy with no loss of privacy.

2. Nutrition - Vitality Living Method® Plant Based Diet Plan

Frances Flannery is the founder of Vitality Living Method which includes an easy to follow nutritional plan for converting to a plant based diet. The Vitality Living Method is designed for maximum weightloss and reduced cholestorol. The programme encourages a removal of meat, diary and grains whilst ensuring optimal levels of protein and good fats for energy. This advanced nutritional plant based diet is based on the most advanced nutritional science.

3. Non Surgical Anti-Aging

Non Surgical Anti-Aging empowers your skin to produce its own natural collagen. The exclusive Aculift non surgical facial therapy is a non toxic alternative to injectables. Developed by plastic surgeons, it ensures you regain your youthful skin progressively with each weekly treatment.

Frances Flannery | Transformational Health

Frances Flannery has helped thousands of people lose weight and reconnect with their bodies through diet and detox. She is certified in nutrition, exercise, skin care and is an NEDBN certified nurse.She is one of only two advanced level IACT colon hydrotherapists in Ireland.

Frances Flannery is also a business post graduate (first class hons). She is an advocate of plant based living and natural health and is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Nutrition For Weightloss, Reducing Cholesterol or Coeliacs
Vitality Living Method of natural nutrition offers everything you need to get your new eating plan started. If you are looking for a healthy weight loss plan or if you are seeking to reduce cholesterol, Vitality Living Method has an eating plan to suit you. After a personal nutritional consultation with Frances Flannery at Vitality Centre® Dublin, you will be given the Vitality Centre® Method diet pack which includes recipes, shopping list and information to help you start your new wholefood eating plan. Get ready to feel and look amazing inside and out with Vitality Living Methodnutrition at Vitality Centre® Dublin.


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