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What is Vitality Living Method®


Vitality Living Method is a combination of detox, nutrition and skin renewal treatments which can be combined to result in a total body and mind transformation. Vitality Living Method empowers you to change your life through the application of natural non surgical approaches to renewal and rejuvenation of your appearance, health, diet and attitude. This total transformation results in positive changes in your physical and emotional state that is designed to enable you to become the very best version of yourself possible.

Who Is Vitality Living Method® suitable for?


Everyone. You can decide to undergo the treatments and programmes that you require individually. Or you can choose to have a consultation where you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs with a trained therapist. Once your transformation plan has been created, you will attend the clinic for the treatments which will get you the results you are seeking. Very often clients choose to visit Vitality Centre® Dublin to under go one or more treatments at a time in their lives where change is happening around them. This could be in advance of a wedding, after a divorce, in advance of a new job, in advance of publicity, before a photoshoot, after pregnancy, recently single, starting a business, recovered from illness or anytime when you wish to release the past, change your mind, put your best food forward and become the best version of yourself possible.

  • What Treatments Are Available On the Vitality Living Method®?


    Colonic Hydrotherapy
    Liver Flush Enema
    Guided Transformation Meditation
    Facial Red Vein/Skin Tag/Rosacea Removal
    Skin Resurfacing microdermabrasion
    Skin Collagen Wrinkle Reduction - Mesotherapy
    Hair Loss Therapy
    Inchloss Detox Express
    Total Body Transformation Detox
    Naturally White Teeth Whitening
    Ricinus Plus Digestive Detox Body Pack
    Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

    Nutritional Therapy Programmes - Gluten Free ,Meat Free, Yeast Free, Sugar Free Diet, Veganism, Coeliac Diet, Cholesterol Diet, Weight Loss Detox Diet.


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