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Transformational Lifestyle And Dietary Programme


Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan enables you to make life altering dietary and lifestyle changes which are designed to completely change the way you think, eat and live. Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan programme includes guided meditations along with deep body detox treatments. This results in natural long term weightloss and optimal health for the rest of your life. .


Vitality Living Method® Nutritional Plan

Reduce Cholesterol
Remove Deep Body Toxins
Suitable For Vegans
Suitable For Coeliacs
Increase Confidence
Optimise Health


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STEP 1. Change Your Mind

Wouldnt it be great if you could reprogamme your mind, remove all the "bugs" and bad programming and re-install a better and more up to date version of your thoughts. If only our mind was as easy to change as the software on a PC. We could choose the thought that would benefit us most and let go of those that we no longer need and those which are holding us back from where we want to be in life. We could choose to make better choices about food and exercise. With Vitality Living Method® Guided Meditations, weight loss and healthy choices become easier because your thoughts are brought into alignment with your weightloss goals.

STEP 2. Change Your Diet

Vitality Living Method® nutritional plan offers you a complete dietary programme which enables you to introduce foods that result in natural weightloss. The Vitality Living Method® nutritional plan is designed to offer maximum nutrition and nourishment. When you decide to under a weightloss programme using the Vitality Living Method® nutritional plan, you will a professional package which includes the following:

Nutritional Lifestyle Consultation at Vitality Centre® Dublin
Full Colour Recipe Pack
Shopping List
Portion Guidelines
Guide to Detox
Rules For Weightloss

STEP 3. Detox Your Body

Kictstart weightloss by removing deep body toxins using the advanced Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherepy available exclusively at Vitality Centre® Dublin. This advaned colonic hydrotherapy is provided by NURSE TRAINED therapists who also hold Advanced Level I-ACT certification. There is no loss and privacy or exposure of the body at any time. Choose from the following treatments which are designed to complement and enhance weightloss and detox for optimal success and life altering results.

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Liver Flush Enemas
Lymphatic Drainage
Ricinus Plus Body Pack


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