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Vitality Living Method® - Total Body Transformation 3 Day Detox



Lower Cholesterol
Lose Weight
Transition to Ceoliac Diet
Break Sugar Addictions
Reduce Symptoms of IBS

Becoma a Vegan/Vegetarian

Detox Your Body & Mind



Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

Why Do So Many People Choose To Detox At using the Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?


That because Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation is the only programme of its type which combines the 3 most important areas of your life that need to change when you choose to undergo detox.

1. Change Your Mind with Guided Transformation Meditation

2. Detox Your Body with Colonic Hydrotherapy and Liver Enemas

3. Change Your Diet for 10 Days to a Nutritionally Rich Plant Based Programme which consists of REAL Foods, not pills, not shakes, not powder. Real fresh nutritious, wholesome foods.

  • No powdered artificial protein shakes
  • Detoxes your eliminatory organs including the liver and colon
  • Remove toxins found in meat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol
  • Ideal for vegetarians
  • Suitable for coeliacs
  • Ideal for reducing cholesterol
  • Results in natural weight loss without hunger
  • Can be used for making the transition to plant based diet or becoming vegetarian
  • Dairy free, gluten free, wheat free
  • Alkaline diet, non-acidic
  • No weekly meetings or “low fat” processed foods
  • Professional tried and tested easy to follow recipe plan
  • Complementary detox treatments by NURSE TRAINED professionals with Advanced IACT training
  • All over body transformation programme in one place
  • A 10 day learning programme to change how you see food forever



What Is Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?


Vitality Living Nutrition is a programme designed by nutritionist Frances Flannery to allow you to make life changing dietary changes easily and healthily. Whether you have just discovered you are coeliac, are trying to reduce cholesterol, want to lose weight, wish to become vegetarian or just wish to detox, Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation is for you.

Will I Have To Give Up My Favourite Foods on Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?
Absolutely not. On the Vitality Living Method Menu Plan, you will find some of your favourite foods. You will enjoy delicious curry, comforting chilli, gorgeous pilaf, cooked breakfast, tomato toast and exotic sushi. You will learn to cook new dinners and eat new breakfasts so that you always have plenty of menus in your mind if you wish to introduce the diet permanently after the 10 days are up. You will never feel hungry on Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation if you follow if you follow the rules outlined in your programme.

Why Is Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation The Best Detox Diet Programme For Overall Health?
Vitality Living Nutrition is a dietary plan which is high in phytochemicals and anti-oxidants.  Phytochemicals are plant based compounds found in fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, soya products and herbs. Phytochemicals and anti-oxidants have been found to be the very best way to keep you looking and feeling younger for longer. So get ready to look and feel amazing.

What Changes Will I Notice With Vitality Living Nutrition?
Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation is just that….living nutrition for total body transformation. That means that the foods you eat are wholesome fresh, alive, nutritious and free from preservatives and other nasty toxins. They will give your body energy and feed your cells making it easier for you to feel positive about yourself, cope with stress and lose weight naturally. If you love exercise, that’s even better. These foods are naturally high in protein so you can work out at optimal levels. Because your body will receive the food it was designed to eat, your mood and your cravings will naturally begin to rebalance. Vitality Living Nutrition is like setting the “Restart” button on your bodies various organs and systems

What Are The Common benefits of Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation

  • Eyes sparkle and look brighter
  • Skin improves and often skin conditions disappear
  • Nails grow and become stronger
  • Feeling of relaxation as hormones are balanced
  • Memory improves and brain fog lifts
  • Sleep improves and you feel refreshed on waking
  • Appetite naturally balances out.
  • Cravings for sweets disappears
  • Cellulite improves and reduces
  • Lose inches of bloat and water retention
  • Lose weight and feel good
  • Bowl becomes regulated and constipation disappears
  • Halitosis disappears
  • Mood improves and mild depression lifts

How Does Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?
Vitality Living Nutrition is designed to help you to overcome the first 10 days of any major dietary change. You will receive recipes, shopping list and a set of rules and tips to help you rethink how you snack and how you eat. After 10 days, you will have learned how to cook, shop and eat according to your chosen food plan.

Will I Be Hungry On Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?
No, you will not be hungry. You will begin to understand what hunger is. Hunger is just your body telling you that you are missing something or lacking some nutritional vitamin or mineral. That is all. Because you will be eating natural foods which are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, you will feel satisfied at all times and therefore you will never be hungry.

What If I Don’t Succeed In Making Dietary Changes on Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?
That’s Ok. You can choose additional weekly one to one support sessions with our nutritional expert to help you work out where you are going wrong and how you might improve. This gives you the freedom to follow the programme yourself at home or to follow the programme and visit us weekly for a one to one nutritional consultations so that we can help and support you on your journey.

Will I lose Weight on Vitality Living Methods® - Total Body Transformation?

Because the diets are highly nutritious, low in fat and high in water, weight loss is a natural consequence for most people. If weight loss is your goal, be sure not to include more than 1 of the snack items per day. Also, a serving of carbohydrate should be no more than 1 cupful at any meal. That means 1 cupful of rice, noodles, cereal, quinoa. You can also increase weight loss by incorporating some or all of our expert detox treatments to help increase the metabolism and remove toxicity faster for even better results.

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